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Underground House Music is what we know, do, and love. There is always something new that can be discovered by mixing beats, tempos, rhythms, and melodies. We are committed to discovering and breaking new artists and the morphing of multiple underground house music genres, before they go mainstream. We pride ourselves to be the first to introduce them to the masses.

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As experienced DJ's & Producers, we know how to create, mix, and remix sound to stimulate your mind, move your body, and stir your soul to make your event a success.

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Nowadays, everything in our culture is visual and on a smart phone. Let us create an image and promotion campaign that will expose and promote your brand. We also can book DJ's & Artist.

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Underground House US

San Antonio, Texas, United States

San Antonio/Houston/Austin/Dallas


Monday - Friday: Noon - 6pm
Saturday - Sunday: 1pm - 6pm 

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